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Official Site of Jacob Grenz
Jacob’s new album coming April 22
Five stories. Five unique vocalists.
Official Site of Jacob Grenz

about Jacob

Jacob is a Chicago-based producer, songwriter, vocalist, and violinist who has been creating music for over 15 years. Growing up in Northern Colorado and studying classical violin, Jacob’s earliest musical influences were traditional bluegrass/country artists along with classical composers. His current inspirations include Chvrches, Imogen Heap, Years & Years, M83, Hans Zimmer, and Tori Amos. 

In 2006, he wrote and produced his first independent album, “The Afflicted” - an autobiographical portrait of a teenager struggling to reconcile his own personal beliefs with those of his family and the religion in which he was raised. Jacob’s upcoming release, Five, is a fresh take on folk music and infuses his past and present musical inspirations through bluegrass, dance, and acoustic instrumentation. The album features five unique vocalists and tells the story of family from the unique perspective of each member - it’s about the family unit’s journey through abuse, addiction, loss, and ultimately, recovery and forgiveness.

From sharing his personal stories and experiences, Jacob hopes to connect with others who are struggling through similar painful situations.

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  • The lyrics, imagery, and sound design of Five, paint the picture of a beautiful Colorado landscape while touching upon each of Jacob’s family member’s struggles and triumphs. “Next to Nothing Town” and “Run” mix traditional bluegrass/country sounds with dance rhythms and are contrasted with the stripped down piano and string arrangements of “Addict” and “What to Believe”.

  • Five will be available on all digital streaming platforms